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(Thu, 10-23-2008) Tap-a-Brick 3D - Discontinued
Due to a request from The Tetris Company, LLC. Although I know that they have no legal right to demand the removal of the application, I will comply with their request. I want to sleep well tonight without worrying about one more thing... Sorry guys.

(Sun, 5-4-2008) Stunt Car 3D - Frame Rate Issues
Although I mention it in the Help of Stunt Car 3D, let me remind everyone here again (since people usually don't read Help) that resetting Safari or restarting the iPhone before playing the game may improve game performance tremendously. Actually it typically results in 2-3 FPS higher frame rates. Why? Ask Apple about it. Apparently the browser's clean up mechanism doesn't work perfectly.
The average frame rates I get on my phone after resetting Safari is about 8 FPS in 'high detail' mode and about 11 FPS in 'low detail' mode. If you get anything slower than this, you should reset your browser or restart your phone.

(Fri, 5-2-2008) Stunt Car 3D   (NEW Web App)
I love Fridays... Today is such a great day as well. To celebrate it I've made my latest iPhone/iPod Touch game available on my website. It is a racing game called Stunt Car 3D. The name suggests that it differs a bit from other racing games in that here you need to drive on an elevated ramp instead of a highway. The objective is to stay on the ramp and drive as fast as possible. In this version there are no opponents.
The inclusion of other players would have resulted in near unplayable performance. I'm pretty much surprised that even this performance was feasible in a web application. There are two graphics detail levels. In the 'high detail' mode I got an average of 8 frames per second (FPS) while in the 'low detail' mode it goes up to around 11-12 FPS. Both are playable. The graphics engine features the usual 3D polygon setup with lighting (approximately 400 polygons per second) plus dynamic background and z-blending (blending distant polygons into the background). The game obviously features a time based physics engine too to simulate car dynamics while on track or in the air. I paid attention to the details thus the physical behavior and lap times are not dependent on the frame rate.
A simple algorithm provides steering assistance in the 'easy' difficulty mode. Records are saved on the client side in cookies.
More tracks are coming soon. Well... if I'll have enough motivation for adding them.
Have fun playing!

(Tue, 4-15-2008)
I've just realized that the word Tetris is a trademark. In order to avoid any troubles, today I renamed the game to Tap-a-Brick 3D and got rid of all the references to Tetris from my website (except in this post). The old link is redirected now. I will remove that as well soon.
The Rubik's Cube game is a different story because I already have an approval from the trademark owner to host the game on my website.

(Mon, 4-14-2008) Tap-a-Brick 3D
To celebrate the success of the Rubik's Cube and the 70.000 visitors who tried it in the first week, today I'm releasing an even bigger game. A Blockout clone called Tap-a-Brick 3D for the iPhone/iPod Touch.
Coming soon to Apple's Web Applications web page.
No compromises! It's the full 3D experience in your iPhone's web browser. Smooth animations and an interface fine tuned for the touch screen. Apparently it is possible to build quality games without Flash or the native iPhone SDK.
Rotate the block using the arrows and move it by tapping on the 3D pit. I added all the goodies: the mandatory collision detection, valid path detection, automatic computation of the shortest path. If it's not possible to move to the position where you tapped, the game even finds the closest valid location. (It's fun to try how a block moves around an obstacle if it has enough free space.)
A couple words about Rubik's Cube: It's been "Featured", "Staff Pick", and "Most Popular" web application game since its release a week ago. According to reviewers, it's "...pretty neat..." and "...Mr Vagolgyi seems to have got it pretty much perfect...".

(Sat, 4-05-2008) Rubik's Cube 3D
I've finished the Rubik's Cube game for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. It runs pretty fast in Safari. There will be updates coming later. Any feedbacks are welcome. This is the first JavaScript application I've ever written but I still could finish it in about 10 nights.
I'm particulaly proud of the 3D engine built on JavaScript and HTML CANVAS that features ambient+directional lighting and backface culling. This version is specialized for the Rubik's Cube here but I have a more generic version as well.
Sorry, Internet Explorer users, the game will not work in your browser because IE doesn't support the CANVAS element (all the other browsers do).

About me:   Balazs Peter Vagvolgyi.   31.   Baltimore MD.

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Do you want to know more? For my personal photos check out the photos page. For professional résumé and detailed curriculum vitae click resume. On the links page I maintain a list of web sites of products and information portals that I've found particularly useful lately. More detailed description of my interests and ongoing projects are coming soon. You can also find me on iwiw and Facebook.

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